New (The Streamer) video uploaded by "samuel hill" (NOT Massaki)

Hey guys. Those of you on the GMT Fourms about a year ago might remember this video.

The video was linked to the ARG for The Streamer The Streamer was a cancelled project by Massaki.

And today the same channel “samuel hill”. uploaded a new video in the same style as the old Streamer videos. I’m not sure weather or not this old unused content or it could mean The Streamer is returning.


12 as in December? Is something happening this month?

Holy shit, this is exciting, i remember finding the first video way back when lobby 2 just came out. i’ll be sure to follow along! Good find @Vulture_Socks !

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given that he explained the entire project in an apology and also massively spoiled the entire plot, I assume this is just unused material or something he decided to make out of boredom.

But this is Massaki we’re talking about, the sad clown/dadvids guy. You never know.

Ran the first video in Spek, creepy shit man.



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UPDATE : Massaki was on Frankfurt today and confirmed that Samuel Hill isn’t owned by him but he isn’t going to say who it is owned by.