New Survey!

Hey guys, we’re working on a new IndieGogo campaign and could really use your feedback on a survey we’ve prepared.

You can head over to do the survey here:

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Filled! I hope this survey helps you and Tower Unite to improve in any way. Your projects are simply awesome, and I’m really looking forward to this one, since I enjoyed GMTower so much! :slight_smile:

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Even though these people have a major part of the funding, I don’t really feel like backers should get stuff like a backers-only lounge, or backers-only updates (unless you mean by that earlier updates for them), because that is like having a VIP lounge in GMT, which wouldn’t be fun for most of the people, as it starts to increase the line between a normal user & a VIP.

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Fair point, but the backers deserve to be tagged and rewarded for actually being part of making the project happen.

Also to clarify:

  • “Backer only updates” means access to backer updates during the campaign and such.
  • The backer lounge is just an idea, that’s why we’re doing the survey to see if people find it a terrible idea. The lounge would be hidden from normal view, though.

Is there any way, just for shits and giggles, for the data to be made public so the community can see what it is thinking collectively?

I’ll do that for the first survey, if you’d like. Considering we got the data we needed.

I don’t want to make the current survey data public yet as it could skew the results.

Ah, didn’t even think about the skewing results. If it wouldn’t be much trouble, I’d think it’d be pretty interesting to see the old stuff at least.

Yeah, I think it would be good for people to comment on the results.

I will be making a new topic for it in a moment.

@Caboose700 I have posted the results of the original survey: After Kickstarter Survey Results

i like the idea of a backer lounge… i think it would be cool if it was on the roof of the tower or maybe in a room on the highest level and that you could look down at the plaza or something (and it would be cool if there was a pool that changes from color to color) or something like that

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Thanks for all the feedback guys!