New steam ui

so recently steamdb leaked a version of steam’s new library ui. here’s some pictures:

what do you guys think about this?


imo this looks very nice! and the list of games are a very neat sorting

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Since you can access this new UI through Steam file modification, I’ll post some other features that I think are pretty cool:

Spoilers, I guess?
  • Under each game page, it displays related items from the activity feed, including screenshots and recent purchases:

  • Information from a game’s Store page is displayed when you click the “Game Info” button:

  • You will be notified in multiple places about recent game updates:



rip backround screenshots

In my opinion: Yuck.

It’s extremely promising. There’s neat features to it. I’m glad I can find my games again personally. I do wish the buttons were smaller, though.


This actually looks quite nice, I’ve noticed steam has had a couple updates in the past week upon boot.

i like it mainly because the news sites aren’t on the main page of the game info anymore, i did not give a shit about what rockpapershotgun did at EGX


I wish they made the recent news section better. It should have categories like patches, non-patch but developer updates, and news articles. That way you can filter out articles about the games.

It would also be nice to hook up YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms for developers so you could post a video on YouTube and it’ll repost it automatically on Steam to keep everyone in the know. Reddit would be great to hook up so the community can share posts easily.

It’s extremely frustrating currently. When you go to embed a YouTube video on an update you basically can only embed a link that opens a tiny embedded YouTube video… and that’s it. There’s no options for making it larger or making it fit the post better.

You also can’t use webms when posting news articles and are limited to 3mb gifs (anything over 3mb and it just won’t let you post it and it gives a non-descript error).

And to make things worse they still use bbcode, have barely any formatting options (the headers are blue and small), and images have to be manually uploaded one by one. And I mean seriously manually uploaded. You gotta upload the image, wait for 5-6 seconds, then go to where you want it in the post and then click a side bar button to put the image in. Meanwhile Discourse is drag and drop.

I’ve actually brought this up to a couple Valve employees but they never update it.

Anyways that’s just my gripes.