New Steam Player Suggestion

Just wanted to drop by here to throw in my suggestions.

Texas Hold 'em - Please allow to stay seated like a sit-and-go table, no one wants to sit down between hands and run through the loops just to play one hand.

Laser Tag - At least one additional map would be nice.

Party system - ive seen it plenty before and on the road map but just wanted to note my interest. But I did want to add on with this to include the option for private game lobbies. The Friends Only option when making a gameroom is kind of clunky as you have to steam invite them just to get kicked at the finish of a game round (maybe a password instead?).

“Game Worlds” - see above for some. also to note I wish there was a way to stay together and just pick/vote for a new game mode if desired

HUD - a minimap function to go with the party suggestions that I see would be nice… my friend yelling im over here doesnt help me locate them any easier when walking around in the plaza for the first few times.

Accessories - Some people are just divas… and those people would love more accessories for their chars :slight_smile:

Pretty much everything here is planned for the future.