New Slot Machines

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Really just any new additions. Possibly a Slot Machine which has more than just one “line”.


No preference toward what the payouts would be, probably somewhere equivalent to the current slots.

it would be epic for that matter, especially if it comes with free spin feature too.


I played a mobile game filled with slot machines like this one time, I liked it a lot besides the 5000 microtransactions


Huuuge Casino?


I’d love more slot machine variations in the Casino. It’d help remove Units from the game as well because more lines = more expensive bets.


Yes different machines with multiple line payout would make it a far better casino experience.

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new vibe would be pretty awesome probably would attract more people

I joined this forum just to suggest this, but It’s already suggested so… This one is a must!

We literally just had a Casino overhaul

Yeah but it didn’t add new slot machines, which this person wants, so I’m not sure why you’re bringing it up?