New rig - quadruped (4 legged creature)

players models - 4 legged creatures, with tail and wolf referance?

I just feel that having a quadruped rig would solve this issue of current rigs using the human armature, such as the ponys and elephant player models.

Video below showing what i mean.

yes i understand you would have to make the animations for this new rig, Holding items/weapons should be held from the mouth jaw.

the sit/run/idle/walk could referance to a wolfs armature/movement/posture. Along with the tail and ear bones.

This idea would bring more creativty to the game, and to allow 4 legged models to function properly.

anyone like my idea?

Idk while I appreciate player model variety I think having an animal model in games like Lazer tag and virus is both not evenly fair and is pretty bad on the optics (shooting animals)

maybe have the players icon displayed above the (animal model rig) so that counts as its head, or a green dot of some sort in mini games

With lazer tag it already makes everyone a non-workshop player model. Not sure what to do about virus and possibly SDNL when it gets released. Maybe just not allow that model type into that gamemode?

This kinda just makes it feel. Half-baked… Is this just me?

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well sorry for this feeling ‘‘half-baked’’ was just an idea i thought people would like, I know it cant please everyone.

There are already animal models on the workshop, they just don’t have working back legs. There’s nothing to stop that; this just suggests giving them more fluidity, more life to their animations. If there’s ever a situation where you need to shoot a player with a workshop model, there’s no way to prevent it being “an animal”.

However, as Skorados said: Lazer Tag already switches your models away from the workshop models.
And, as far as Virus is concerned, your model is switched away from the workshop model when you get infected, and there’s no need for players to shoot one another, plus no harm that can come from it. The infected don’t shoot either, they just run and slap.

I am all for this suggestion. It’ll be a lot of work to reanimate all the walk/run cycles and emotes and such on the new rig, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see some cute puppies running around the plaza with bows in their hair- and being able to include animal pets from the workshop as NPCs in your condo!

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Very true, the 4 legged model type could even get their own specific emotes. I’m all for any improvement to how models work.

Hair and skirt physics please!

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no thanks

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