New Reworked Economy?

I have many ideas for some kind of TU economy so here goes nothin except for my dignity and possibly my virginity…

First off NPCs: In gmod tower you could just select any item from your inventory and sell it for around half of the price at any time. I think that you should be able to sell it to curtain npcs skyrim style where they have only so much money until they run out. Also make it so that they could go out of stock if so many players on the server buy a specific item from that npc. You could also trade items with the npc and pay the remaining that you owe with unites. Trading items to that npc adds it to their inventory It probably won’t happen but its just a thought for the npcs to be reworked a bit in some ways.

Second off players: So in gmod tower all you could do is trade items and currency to a specific player but I think it should be even more… There should be a tower unite market similar to the steam market where you could buy and sell items for in game currency. Next are auctions where you could auction off items to players who bid the most unites and/or ITEMS. There could also maybe be raffles where people enter the contest and one lucky bastard gets the items and/or unites.

Third off discarding items. In gmod tower any item that is too cheap such as the suicide gun cannot be sold and instead could only be discarded. How about make it so that you have the option to discard any item and those discarded items go into into trash cans around the plaza for players to find.

Now of course we cannot just let ANY item such as a hola doll be purchasable on the market so lets make it where only curtain items are auctionable, marketable, tradable, e.t.c

Finally I want there to be tradable condos where you could trade entire condos to other players… Yeah, I said it.

So lets wrap this up and ship it to china. Npcs are now born from skyrim/fallout/whatever, discarding items puts them in trash cans around the plaza for other players to find, an entire tower unite in-game market place where you could auction, raffle, or just straight up sell, and finally tradable condos…

Soory 4 bad inglish, I am 2kool4skool, I hop you licked my idea for a tower unity economics.

Well. Here are some of my opinions regarding your suggestion:

  • Regarding the NPCs having their own inventories, money and such, it doesn’t seem much necessary. Not because it’s a bad mechanic, much contrary, it’s more the fact that it doesn’t feel necessary considering how Tower works. Specially when it comes to stock, having to wait for an item that you really want to buy causes more irritation than depth.
  • Although I haven’t really seen much people use the trading system, an auction house would probably be a neat idea, if there were items you could only obtain rarely, because else, it would be pointless because all the items in Tower are obtainable really easy.
  • As for discarding items and them appearing in trash cans… I don’t really see why it would be much necessary, it seems more like an easy way to obtain items.
  • Finally, for the tradable condos, I also think it doesn’t make much sense, since the point of condos is more to have your personal space than really trading them, there really isn’t much value to them other than personal value.

And that’s basically my opinions, I hope you don’t take them wrongly, I am just trying to present my points in them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that’s the point. In neopets if you don’t like an item in your inventory you can send it to the money tree, and other players can go there and take stuff that people donate ( with a daily limit of course ) this is kinda like that.

I completely agree with all your other points though :stuck_out_tongue: