New post-Community Condos update Plaza server browser concept


Seeing as Community Condos are going to replace community plaza servers, I was thinking maybe the plaza server browser should be replaced with something like this.

Before, I wasn’t quite sure whether to put this in suggestions or the community showcase, do you think I should move it to suggestions? Thanks Cookies


Moved to suggestions, but it’s an interesting concept. I’m not quite sure how it would play out in terms of efficiency though.


this makes me think the tu servers are actually there in a virtual version of earth


It’s an interesting concept, but I think having a list makes it more user friendly as you can see all the servers at a glance. Perhaps this would be another view, if we were to implement it?


since this is pretty barren, you could be able to click on highlighted areas instead of the dots. and if you click an area, it’ll zoom in with a “join plaza button” but also show off available community condos and condos with a similar connection speed/ping to that area, or base it off of IP locations or something of such. it’d probably be better to base it off of the connection speed/pings

that’s just my ideas though.

not an edit but a post writing this note: i thought about it and realized it’s not too great of an idea but i mean it could be ok? idk


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