New (Pixelated?) Virus Models

So there I was, playing Virus, I got this visual bug that caused the infected to look somewhat pixelated and that got me thinking…

The Virus models always seemed out of place to me. As the game progresses it appears the devs are going for more of a comic style and laying off some of the realism (which I think is great). I personally think the “gib” system works great in zombie massacre and I’m sure it will be great in SDNL as well but as for Virus it once again feels misplaced. In my opinion, a more pixelated cartoony infected model would feel better for this particular game world as well as the game in general. The first thing I thought of to exemplify this sort of model was the superhot characters (but green, of course). They could have similar gibs in this sense which would be extremely satisfying. This satisfaction is the very reason gibs work so well in gameworlds like Zombie Massacre and Pvp Battle (sndl) while I believe it feels unnecessary and strange in Virus.

So to conclude I think the virus models are due for an update and I believe that a more pixelated style would fit perfectly. :slight_smile:

I dont know if the Infected model is gonna be more pixelated, but wheezwer’s been working on remaking the Infected model for the past couple of weeks

edit: also I kinda like the current infected model, but maybe having an upgrade for pixelated infected would be cool

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