New personal transportation/vehicle arcade prize item

I have an idea in mind to have something like hoverboards from Unreal Tournament 3 in Arcade as buyable personal transportation/vehicle items. It would be pretty cool, especially considering how fun they are to move around in actual game they are from. Unreal Tournament 3 manual quote modified to include bits purely about board itself:

The harmonic oscillation of three radiating Tarydium-fiber flywheels provides enough thrust to keep riders in their air. Specially designed coil systems draw kinetic energy from the flywheels, powering a series of ducted fans along the underside of the board to generate forward momentum.
Note that the board does not perform well on low friction surfaces such as water and ice.

Video on hoverboard movement from Unreal Tournament 3: Unreal Tournament 3- Hoverboard Tricks - YouTube - couldn’t really find any better video showcasing only hoverboard itself and in better quality but this one additionally includes all tricks that are also possible on hoverboard in game.

Either way that is real fun and unique vehicle that I wish could be in more games, not just Tower Unite and Unreal Tournament 3!