New Necklaces and Hats

I have an idea on new necklaces. What if chokers were added? There could be many color options such as pink, black, gray, with patterns and accessories added onto them. As for hats, ears could be added such as racoon ears, more cat ear styles, and bunny ears.

I like this idea

Bunny Ears exist already in the Spring Event (which is coming up soon)

As for the colour options, they plan on making wearables recolourable at some point, that’s why many items are white instead of a specific colour (like the Oval Shades, Golf bag, and Tie).
I agree on the chokers part as well, it’s a statement of goth fashion and it’s criminal we don’t have one.


It’s a cool idea but a choker would be really hard to fit onto a workshop model

Stuff like that is why I desperately wish we could set the offsets ourselves.

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That should be its own forum post lol

It is already, I think