New Minigolf Map: Forest (Update

Hello naTUre lovers!
Here’s an update to sync your teeth into.

##New Minigolf Map: Forest

A familiar map recreated by Johanna.

##New Graphics Options

  • Added an FPS limit option
  • Added a view distance option
  • Added texture VRAM usage information
  • Foliage now can be reduced with the detail graphics setting

Developer Notes: The foliage setting currently only works on certain maps (including the Plaza). We plan to implement the feature onto some of our other maps in the near future.

##Fixed Minigolf De-Syncing Issues

This update addresses the issue where the client golf ball position was different from where the golf ball was located on the server’s end. This is what caused issues where users thought they were putting in one location, but upon putting, would actually be in a completely different location.

##Fixed Bowling De-Syncing Issues

We also addressed the Bowling pin issue where bowling pins would sometimes appear to be knocked down on your client, but stood back up for the server. The simulation now is 100% correct and pins knocked down will stay down.


  • Added a new Minigolf map: Forest!
  • Plaza: Optimized the rooftop area (Project 12)
  • Plaza: HQ TV is now also a theater screen
  • Plaza: Removed roofs above launchers in-front of station to declutter the area
  • Little Crusaders: When the Dragon jumps, Knights can no longer continue riding the Dragon
  • Little Crusaders: Slightly increased the Dragon’s bite radius
  • Little Crusaders: Dragon’s button cannot be pressed while roaring
  • Added FPS limit option to graphics settings
  • Added view distance option to graphics settings
  • Added texture VRAM usage information to the graphics settings
  • Foliage now can be reduced with the detail graphics setting
  • Adjusted texture VRAM pool sizes
  • Minigolf: Updated the look of the hole intro text

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Fixed Theater (and other media players) vote skip required amount being incredibly wrong
  • Plaza: Fixed Spin to Win locking up sometimes
  • Plaza: Bowling no longer streams out when you fly towards the ceiling
  • Plaza: Location volumes for individual Game World ports are now larger
  • Plaza: Fixed Game World ports unloading when you fly up high
  • Plaza: Fixed Bowling de-sync where pins will sometimes stand up after being knocked down
  • Plaza: Potentially fixed Trivia locking up sometimes
  • Minigolf: Fixed case where a client’s ball will sometimes get desynced from the server
  • Minigolf aimer arrow is no longer translucent on certain maps
  • Minigolf: Fixed Altitude Hole 18 issues
  • Minigolf: Fixed late joining players having their stroke value set to the penalty amount (now they will start at 0 as if they were always there for the current hole)
  • Minigolf: Fixed an out of bounds glitch in Sweet Tooth where you could get to hole 16 from hole 18
  • Ball Race: Fixed the Ball Race scoreboard round count increasing beyond the amount when you fail the levels
  • Ball Race: Fixed Ball Race bumpers ticking when they didn’t have to (should help performance a little)
  • Fixed wearables not drawing for the client if the camera was different from their own (i.e. piano)
  • Fixed the Projector not working properly when the shadow quality is set to low
  • Fixed some performance issues with complex moving platforms in Game Worlds
  • Fixed chat box not swallowing shift key presses, fixing issues where people would sprint while chatting in Little Crusaders

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


:smiley: Thanks best devs ever met!


Thanks, Johanna


Is this really necessary because the bite is already super annoying to deal with.
The bite needs nerfing more than a buff.
What i’m talking about is the way the bite works.
If a Crusader runs up to the dragon jumps and the dragon clicks as the Crusader passes the Crusader will then be slowed down and as the animation plays the Crusader would die. Despite maybe being behind the dragon, on top of the dragon or maybe to the dragon’s side.

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The bite radius was increased by like 2 cm. It’s pretty much the same but that extra cm helps with high ping people.

guess so :stuck_out_tongue:

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