New internet

On wednesday I get access to the gloriousness of 1GBPS internet, it is a very slight upgrade from an internet at peak performance that gets 30 mbps. :smiley:

This is the ideal internet speed. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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30mbps is nothing running but i have 3 other family members that all stream, ie netflix, hulu, youtube, etc.

Also 30mbps is on a GREAT day normally im getting 20 or lower

God, I get 100mbps and I think even that’s too slow. I’d be dying with 20-30.

I rubber band with every game, battlefield 1 sucks because my comp is fast enough to look around but my internet is to slow to tell the game to move so when i see an enemy i literally cant do anything about it. Also tower is hard to play due to the same issue because i have run tower at 4k, ultra settings with above 100fps so the internet is the only conclusion i could find, further reinforced by i dont get the effect in my condo server

The thing im really excited for is being able to host servers again :slight_smile:

That’s strange because you can play online with even DSL connections. You don’t really need a ridiculously fast connection. Up until about a year ago, I was gaming online on a roughly 15-20 mbps connection.

20 is the total i get but thats not counting from the 3 other devices running in the house yet

Fair enough. When we were on that slow connection I was definitely the only one really taxing it. Worst case scenario was one other tv streaming Netflix and that wasn’t often, so yeah, guess it would be worse.

Wut, I get 30 megabit per second, and I think that that’s pretty fast! I’d love to have 100mbps!

You won’t really notice the difference, the human eye can’t see more than 30 mbps anyway. :smile_cat:

Meanwhile I lived with a 1 - 3mbps connection for 15 years

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I have a 25mbps package right now, but recently took in a roommate. He streams a lot of Netflix. I notice it the most when I’m playing Rocket League and i suddenly start moonwalking around the map >_< lol. May have to bump it back up to the 75 I was at.

Oh god. I remember those days. DSL was painfully slow. Haven’t had that slow of a connection in probably like 16 or 17 years.

It really was, jumping to 150/150 was a really smart idea!

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