New hosting type: Limited

I’m suggesting the type of hosting servers, named Limited.

It will be public, but with a few differences:

  • It will have password / whitelist
  • It won’t show the picture, host’s name and map name. (will be just look like a lock with ****)

This will make easier to host servers where only exact players can join.

Set server to Friends Only. Problem solved.

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Sometimes I like–actively don’t want to be friends with someone though. But for one reason or another, I may require their presence in my condo, being able to allow them to join in that specific instance without friending them would be nice. Or sometimes I want to play with my in-real friends and not the internet strangers I claim are friends–and don’t want the two intermingling.

Not sure how I feel about them showing up as **** on the condo list though, seems like it’d just be a bunch of wasted space for lobbies that you don’t actually know if it’s the one you’re allowed in or not. In Condo Hub I feel one’s you don’t have permission to join should just appear as Private ones already do, idk what keeping the map they’re on private accomplishes–especially if you don’t know who it is.


that’s not the solve of problem, sometimes you have friends that you dont want to be able to join in exactly THIS server on exactly THIS moment.

Whitelisted servers can have only players, that you need. Not all friends or randoms.


Fair point. Hadn’t thought of that.


This would be a nice option for condo hosting. I would love to have a friends of friends option. Kind of like a semi public server, but only with friends and the people they know.


Yeah, that was also be a pretty nice setting to have, too.

We’re not opposed to having a password only hosting option - password was a feature that was in development early on but we didn’t see a huge demand for it and prioritized other features at the time. There’s code for password protected servers just tucked away and not exposed yet.


Could it be implemented in time for the next update, or would it take longer to fully actualize that?

Won’t be ready by next update, we’re pretty busy with our current update plans.