New Golf Balls

I did a quick forum search and did not find anything for this, I have only very recently bought towers unite, after a few hours I got 4 of my friends to buy in and where having a whale of a time, Casino, Trivia, messing around in the Condos but the one thing we play alot of is the Mini golf and for good reason.

What you have is BETTER than any other mini golf game I have played, the likes of Golf with Friends does not compare it is an utter travesty that there game has around 500 active players while a single mini game alone in this is superior to there entire offering however i am sure this will correct itself on the eventual launch.

Ok enough buttering up, currently golf customisation works on using your equipped head wear items this feels like a place holder, I would suggest removing this completely and having in its place a system similar to the current bowling balls infact one of the quickest fixes would be filling in the holes on the bowling balls scaling those down and having a golf version of each of those (with a bowling ball possibly replacing the golf ball for golf selection)

Later on the custom balls could be expanded on with themed balls with the likes of a glass ball 3/4 fall of water for example with a fish in when the fishing update hits etc, unique trails and sounds on bounce and hit linked to certain balls would also be appreciated, honestly with how good the mini golf currently is this feels like something that should already be in.

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Mini golf is a way to make money. Not a full on golf simulator. GWYF is a mini golf simulator. While Tower Unite isn’t. But golf on Tower Unite is all YouTubers play.

I honestly don’t see your point.
“TU isn’t a minigolf simulator so we shouldn’t add more content to minigolf”


Honestly I am slowly starting to get tired of comparisons between tower unite minigolf and golf with your friends

so what im hearing here now is “we have a popular mode but its all everyone bangs on about so I dont like it”

Im honestly just surprised that the game already has a superior ball customisation in it already it just happens to be for bowling, the fact the developers have so many well made maps for golf shows that someone somewhere on the dev team loves and and wants to make it the best game ever, and you can really feel that in the level of detail on the maps currently available especially candy land.

As for being tired of comparisons people are always going to compare two things, pepsi and coke, CoD and Battlefield, it just so happens this time the game also comes with a hell of alot more on top.

As long as we can still equip hats on our golf balls and change the color on a default skin I’d be fine with additional customisation options and golf ball skins. That customisation system has been there since GMod Tower, and seeing how well it’s served its purpose and how it’s more of a legacy thing I’d imagine many people would get upset if the classic customisation was removed.


So are the other Minigames.

Welcome to the world of videogames where over the years, we get closer and closer to realism in simulations.

Never played that, just checked the Steam Store video… Could you point out the important differences that make it a Minigolf Sim?

ok so new custom base balls + the hats, honestly it would be nice if the eye wear like the monocle etc showed too, they could also change the items slightly to better fit the golf balls and avoid clipping (further down the line this would be looked at as late polishing possibly for the last patch before final release)

Also was musing that they could make some of the balls linked to golfing achievements like beating certain maps 50 times under par would net you a themed golf ball etc.