New Gemstone System

So, we already passed the 40K barrier in the indiegogo (Hooray!), and the guys at PixelTail gives us a surprise… Many new milestones! Here’s the updated milestone chart:

They called these “gemstones”, and there seems to be a new gemstone for each 1K the indiegogo reaches until 50K. The first one for 40K has already been announced: Bumper cars! This is definitely going to make this campaing much more dynamic. I love it when they give us surprises like this one

What do you guys think about this minigoal system? Is it gonna motivate donations until they reach 50K? I think it is

I think it will bring motivation.

Oh, wow. This is going to be great. We’re going to hit 50k in NO TIME with this.

This is wonderful. Hopefully Unite will exceed it’s current funding goal.

This is a great surprise! I just can’t wait to see what’s next on the list.

Yeah, I like the idea. Might get people to pledge more to see what it’s going to be.

yes. yes. yes.
so much yes.
yes, just yes.

I’m actually interested about the bumper cars. This seems like it really could be fun. :smile:

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I wouldn’t worry about that at all. I’m predicting, at the end of the IndieGogo campaign, at least $70,000.

I sure hope so!!

Calling it. One will be Kevin Brighting.

We made it to the second one! The third one will come in no time!

its gonna be a fun minigame : D

i love the idea of RC Cars and Boats : D
why they no give us RC Helicopters and Planes? :frowning:
but anyways we got 3 more crystals unlocked! just gotta wait for devs to show us it