New Gametypes for Bowling

Right now, the current bowling is fun but, at least for me, there hasn’t really been much to motivate me to come back to it besides milestones and just wanting to try it again after not playing for a while.

I think different gametypes for bowling would be a great addition since it would add a lot more unique games to the bowling building, and it would be very nice to have something else to play if you’re bored of the regular 10 pin bowling.

Here’s a couple suggestions for new game types:

  • 100-Pin Bowling

Bowling but with 100 pins, like the cool Wii Sports game.

  • Duckpin Bowling

Pins and ball are smaller, and you roll 3 times instead of 2. If you knock down all pins in 3 rolls, it counts as a ten, which just adds 10 points without any extra bonus.

  • Candlepin Bowling

Similar to duckpin bowling, but the pins resemble candles and knocked down pins aren’t cleaned up until the player’s turn is done.

One more suggestion for the pile:

  • Babby Bumpers

Bumpers are raised and protect the player from getting a gutterball. This also allows for some sweet trickshots by bouncing off the bumpers and into the pins.


I love duckpin bowling, so I’m all for this.