New Game Idea 2

parkour combined with surfing (from gmod) and you have weapons you can buy and upgrade and other cool abilities you can use like increase speed or leap or explosion etc etc

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These did not have to be separate threads.

icame up with this one a while later

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I can’t see this being a Game World, really. It seems like it could be a Steam Workshop Game World, but definitely not vanilla TU.

I think a mix of kreedz climbing, parkour and surfing might be great. It could even go into the direction of a 3D platformer. Idk.

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I’ve always been a fan of climbing gamemodes. And would definitely be interested in having another one. I already have previous experience mapping for them too, and would definitely be interested in making maps for it. (I made the hardest climb map on Sassilization’s climb server. xc_into_the_mainframe :smiley: ) But it doesn’t always draw players.

+1 for a climbing gamemode though.

I wouldn’t make them as long as mainframe also. That map was literally impossible for newbies, and even people who consider themselves experts would struggle to complete it in 60 minutes. If you watch this guys WR you can see even with good jumping skills it was a long map.

Some jumps were only possible with longjump wiggle techniques. But the wiggle techniques made climb so much better. The skill ceiling was huge, and you would pick up tips and tricks for a very long time. Eg: crouch before jump and you can jump up exactly 64 blocks, otherwise jump and then crouch only goes 60-62. Hence why I put a 64 block as the beginning block. You had to learn to crouch jump right off the bat. :wink:


I love surfing.
But i would rather see a fun cartoony team play game

that video is so satisfying to look at :neutral_face:

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I feel like suggesting game worlds is a fruitless endeavor, but I’d totally be down for some Parkour Fortress (RIP, Slag Gaming)

That was the closest thing to multiplayer Mirror’s Edge that I found (I didn’t really look very hard, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if there was something much better out there). I had so much fun with it that I made my first guide about how to play it. I’d really enjoy a parkour focused gameworld, though I’m not sure how wide of an appeal it would have…

My concerns exactly. While climbing is fun for some of us, the overwhelming majority seems to find it boring and repetitive. (At least from my personal experience) Plus, the replay-ability factor is pretty low unless you actually enjoy it.

Any time I would play climb with friends over they would call me Korean (I would jump quick) and try to get me to stop playing. Nobody ever wanted to try either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: