New Game: Deadline from GTA5 Online

I’d love to see a game like Deadline from GTA5 Online implemented. It’s a ton of fun, super accessible and easy to learn, and there’s great replay value.

Here’s a link to a Let’s Play video of it:

I feel like ripping off gamemodes from other games isn’t something that PixelTail would want to do, and even if it was implemented, it would require new physics, better netcode, and more. If people want a deadline like mode that badly, they should probably just go play it in GTA.

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cough timesplittersvirus cough

cough monkeyballballrace cough

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Virus is from Timesplitters, Ball Race is heavily inspired by Super Monkey Ball, Little Crusaders is a reskin of Ultimate Chimera Hunt which was based on Earthbound, Zombie Massacre is basically a clone of Zombie Apocalypse. It’s not like Deadline is some earthshatteringly unique idea anyway. It’s literally just the lightbike minigame from Tron.

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It’s inspired by Timesplitters, but the game differs quite a bit.

I would say it’s definitely inspired, but we do things differently now in the Tower Unite version where we focus more on speed and less on the puzzles. The first version of Ball Race was called Antlion Ball Race, though.

Regardless of the Earthbound references, I think Ultimate Chimera Hunt is a very unique 1vAll game - gameplay wise.

This is inaccurate. Zombie Massacre was being developed before that game and I don’t like COD so I never heard about it until people brought it up later.

Edit: I got confused with the game titles, it’s not the COD game I was thinking of. Zombie Apocalypse is an xbox live arcade game. I personally played Zombie Apocolapse after making Zombie Massacre. Zombie Massacre wasn’t intentionally inspired by that - we were making Zombie Massacre in like 2008. I think a lot of top down zombie games share a lot in common.

For me, Zombie Massacre was more inspired by Hunter the Reckoning.

Also Deadline looks very inspired by Tron Legacy.

I think to end on another note here, when people make and design games, they’re pulling a lot of ideas from things that they enjoyed in their childhood (doesn’t have to be games either, Pikmin was inspired by gardening). Things that I grew up with was Super Monkey Ball and Hunter the Reckoning, Timesplitters, Mario Party, N64, Gamecube, etc. so I have a tendency to enjoy gameplay that’s just about chill fun.


yeeeah, after looking up Deadline gameplay, talking about “rip offs” of any kind is hardly fair, this is literally just Tron. I’m of the belief that original ideas are overrated anyway, I don’t think it should be about who did it first, but rather who did it better.

Anyway something like this would be really cool as a 4 player arcade game, or maybe an Accelerate mutator.


I feel old when I have to scroll down to see people mentioning it’s clearly Tron inspired. I’m pretty sure a Tron bikes style game could be a fun multiplayer arcade machine, it’d be a good homage too considering the arcade setting of Tron.

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