New Casino Games Idea (Roulette and more)

So I feel some new games for the casino would be in order. Sure we love camping the slots (Kappa) and heading up to the topside poker lounge, and flushing our dreams on Spin to Win to get as many Hula Dolls as possible, but I think it’s about time for an expansion. New games, all designed on getting people to play together, and I got just the games that can be played solo, or together.


There is not a single person i know who doesn’t love to just sit at a roulette table in a video game. It’s got Red. It’s got Black. It’s got everything! Bet on your numbers, grids, colors, odds, evens, whatever! Bet your certain amount of units with everyone, then when time is up, no more bets, and let that marble roll on whatever it lands on. It would be a fun table game to bring to Tower Unite to get friends together on a Roulette table as they socialize while praying they don’t land on the dreaded double zero.


Simple table card game. Bet on Player, Banker, or Tie, then two cards are dealt for both. The side with the higher number wins. Anything above 9 resets it to zero (A 6 then a 7 would make the result 3.) Simple, and easy.

Big Six Wheel

Who doesn’t love giant wheels? Well here’s another wheel that isn’t Spin to Win. Bet on a number, hope the wheel lands on it. Simple and addicting


Now this I don’t see making it into Tower Unite, as Craps is the most complicated casino game ever made. The different betting rules when it comes to what the dice lands on boggles even my mind. So maybe the devs could make their own simplified version called Tower Dice. Just some kind of table dice game where players gather round and throw those dice.

Horse Races

Do I need to explain this one? Bet on a horse, hope it wins.

Roulette, Horse Races, Big Six Wheel, and Blackjack are all things we talked about making. Casino will eventually have an update with new games, but probably after major games on our Trello are finished.