New baits that show fish models

Just an idea, but thought it could be cool if possible. I imagine new types of baits that match each fish category, and while using them, you would be able to see the actual fish, as opposed to the shadow.

This would only work for the type the bait matches, so while all fish types still spawn, if you’re using the special item bait, you’d be able to see tyres and gems to pick them out.

These baits would be expensive, maybe 10,000 for one was a price I thought up, this is to make sure players aren’t using this for every type of fish, only the ones they need to complete the collection book. Curious what people think of this idea.

I may be wrong, but I think the actual catch is generated when you complete the mini-game, not when the shadow spawns. If that is the case this would be difficult to implement.

I do like the idea for avoiding some of the more common fish when rare hunting, though. I still think the more rare fish should be obfuscated in some way.