New 0.6 update hats and other item icons


Theres a website called that the devs use to store the icons for the ingame items. But they added some icons for unreleased items, including some hats and things that may be in the summer update

Heres an imgur gallery of them all.


Holy shit. The train car is the one from gmt’s Halloween dark ride. I guess they’re finally bringing it back


Wasn’t the train car already in Celebrations?


Bruh, you leaked what me and doggo found.


I am doggo, nerd.


Oh, wait.


If you’re talking about miniaturetraincar.png, that’s already available in Celebrations:


the confusion that AmGonna had is great


Retro Guitar is used in Zombie Massacre already, but it could be an out of minigame item, since Zombie Massacre doesn’t have any icons from what I remember. Pilgrim Hat is already available in the hat section, and the miniature train car is available in Celebrations. Other than that, the rest aren’t released yet, so good find!


Heres a list of all of the items that could technically be put in your steam inventory right now, most of the new items are at the bottom of the page.


Huh, then the retro guitar is an out of minigame item.


Fun chair will cost 500 units according to this.


Every 0.6 item in this list costs 500 units. It’s most likely just a placeholder.


I said a long time ago i wished for a coconut hat, thanks m8!


Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


Ah, ok. I rarely go in celebrations


This is correct, we use 500 as a placeholder until we find a price that we think works best.


this is a list of items being added and current items and stuff,
all the most recent currently being worked on items are at the bottom of the page