Never mind! Did it!

I’m serious here…
#I’m about to punch a hole through my monitor.
I know this is the cheap way out but…
#Who hugging cares.
It will save me tons of hassle and stress if you guys do this so…
#Please Mac, Please.

-Tanooki Jon

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What’s Milestone 3 again?

Last Survivor 25 times.

Oh that. Took me a little bit of time, but basically just try to get people to vote for the Aztec map, camp the underground with TNT/Sonic Shotgun or Double Barrel.

Make sure you got a good aim and reaction time.

Gotta be MLG pro like me Jon. Don’t worry, your day will come grasshoppa!

I keep telling you this Jon…get better at the game.

Oh, if they’re giving out handouts can I have the Star Fox and Jumping Jack Rabbit Trophies so I don’t have to jump repeatedly and spin a rigged wheel for hours on end?

P.S. Jon


If I can survive as last survivor for a minute on a full server, you can probably at least make it to last survivor a couple times. If you want it that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont give up! It took me so Long to get This but last week i finally got This award!

What’s the point of having achievements/milestones if they’re just doled out and not earned? :open_mouth:


I have the StarFox trophy but i’s not from spinning the wheel

+1 lmaos

OK I think I know the problem. My mouse is shit. I am having problems making the right mouse movements to be good at virus. I am currently looking into new mouses. (Current mouse: Razer taipan from 2-3 years ago.)

I don’t even bother getting this milestone, and I never did. It’s truly the hardest of all, especially for me since I truly suck at Virus, and the item you get for completing the milestone isn’t very exciting. Otherwise I got all milestones in GMTower, but as I said, I’m not even trying to get Virus Milestone #3.

Razer gear is nice, but it’s not long-lived. Look into getting a Logitech gaming mouse if you want long-term reliability.

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Corsair gaming equipment is really good, too! TheM65 is really nice.

Meanwhile, using a Gigabyte mouse for three years and my old Acer Aspire keyboard for five x_x