Never add Denuvo or Easy Anti-Cheat PLEASE

I am posting this topic in the heat of the the VRchat Security Update backlash. Due to the choices of the VRchat Dev’s they have gone against a majority of the player base with the threat of bans regarding the use of mods and modded clients including mods that have accessibility settings. As such players are leaving for other games such as chilloutVR and probably this game Tower Unite since there seems to be an overlap in the communities.

The reason I am posting this is to let the Tower Unite Devs know to not add anything be it Denuvo or like the VRchat Dev’s Easy Anti Cheat to the game… It isn’t going to do any good for your player base if you do. And since Tower Unite is still in its Infancy sort of, I don’t want this game to go the way of the dodo.

Tower Unite has meant so much to me and has changed my social life for what feels like the better, and I think some people might even agree that it changed their lives as well. VRchat did that to people as well, but now it could be dying as such hopping to other games is there only choice. VRchat’s choice to add Easy Anti-cheat should be considered as a warning to all social game devs.

So I’ll say it again… if any Tower Unite dev is reading this… please do not add any type of Anti-cheat or Anti-tamper software to the game. It is not going to do any good for the player base, and it won’t do any good for the game as a whole. If you do go for some sort of Security Update in the future, really try to think through with it first because I don’t think people want to go through a second mass expulsion event like this. So please MacDGuy or any other TU dev is reading this, please take this into account while you working on the game. Thank you.

I swear that the industry is having a bruh moment right now. First it begins with Mojang shoehorning a cross-platform unilateral global ban system in to Minecraft JE, and now this…

I believe Mac has stated before that they have no plans to use Denuvo or EAC, as TU already is secured using VAC since it’s on steam.

The reporting system can be used for cheaters or problematic individuals, but we rarely get any of the former compared to the latter. Most people who mod their TU usually do it to gain access to items that they otherwise would not have, such as items that were not added to a store yet, backer items like trophies, or weapon items like the admin laser than can flip you upside down, and usually those are kept to the confines of the condo itself.

As for the VRC changes, while I do understand the reasons why they went with this change, I will agree that it was not presented well. The VRC developers should have focused on implementing QoL modifications natively before introducing the EAC system, which is something I talked about with one of their discord admins the other night.

Game development is often hard and can be a tough road to follow, especially if you’re doing it as an independent development studio. Often times you will make mistakes or make changes that people may ultimately not like. However you have to balance the community’s desires with the games needs. PT has done a far better job of that than any indie studio I know of, soley due to the fact that they interact with their community and play their own game regularly, in order to facilitate good communication between both parties.

Rest assured at the very least that such a decision, if it need to be made for this game, would be much more heavily discussed debated between the developers and the community before any action would be taken.


We have zero plans to add Easy Anti Cheat or Denuvo. I personally despise them.


This is why Tower Unite will forever be my favorite social game. It’s made by a team of passionate developers who see good in this game and listen to the community as if they were part of the community.

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