Net Neutrality needs your help!

Please, please sign this, it will determine the future of the entire internet, whether it be a free internet for everyone or one dominated by companies who want nothing more than to control you.


Not to undermine the importance of this, but it seems like the internet collectively freaks out over this every 3 months. Then, it’s “But it’s different this time”, rinse and repeat for the last 5 years. Why is this time different?

Edit: I don’t mean to sound harsh or anything, just genuinely wondering why this time is so “different”.

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Yeah, you’re not wrong. The government has been trying this shit for years. What makes them think it’ll pass this time

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If the cable companies try to shit you over every few months, you must fight back every few months. You don’t, they eventually win.


I support what ComCast is doing. Having a company to control what to do on the Internet is needed for the Internet, the internet have no limts and it can be very dangerous. ComCast wants people to be more safe in the internet. Its like SOPA but its has more freedom and more safety for people.

You may wanna read more up on this then. This can only end badly and will completely destroy the internet




Maybe its time for a new internet.

If you want your internet slow, censored, unfair and behind ten different paywalls, maybe it is


What vtipoman said. This wouldn’t be a new internet, it’d be the end of the internet

If it becomes the new internet or will become a disaster, I think we are better off without the internet. I think we should all take a break from the internet.

This game is 100% reliant on the internet? I have absolutely no clue what’s going on in your mind.


i don’t really understand you. Am I supposed to take you seriously?


Meth is a hell of a drug.


Take a break from the greatest collective of free information available to mankind? Okay.

P.S. You’re using the internet.


Also, you should know that with “more freedoms” they mean more freedoms for cable network companies to screw with the consumers, not more freedom for the consumers.
And end of net neutrality would give absolutely zero benefits to the consumers, the profit would entirely go to huge cable companies.
A little bit more in detail, net neutrality makes sure that cable companies do not go out of their way to censor things they don’t like in order to make a buck out of it. So they can block access to services of their competitors, or make them run extremely poorly, unless you pay up. By the way, the same way they could censor political articles with alternative opinions which they don’t like. And guess what, with the end of net neutrality, all of this would become possible.
I think I got something wrong there because I didn’t consider that ISPs in the US agreed on some no competition act so they can provide crappy internet for ridiculous prices, meaning that it’s unclear what competition is meant here.

This is like, the most basic shit you get taught when you find out about the whole net neutrality debacle


Not even once.

I absolutely despise these cable companies for trying to end Net neutrality, they want to essentially ruin the internet for the sake of more money. It’s absolutely disgusting.


Okay let’s just assume for a second that Comcast is actually trying to make the internet safer for consumers. What about removing Net Neutrality makes you think that it’ll affect the safety of the Internet? The only thing this accomplishes is the ability for cable companies to throttle the Internet for anyone who won’t pay. For instance, you want to visit Netflix, but Comcast hasnt made a deal with them? You’re either outta luck or you’ll need to pay a premium to access Netflix. Nothing about that sounds ‘safer’ to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you talking about something in specific? On the linked page I cannot find anything that particular company is doing except from a Streaming thing which doesn’t appear relevant to your context.

The Internet is the Internet because this is not the case. I could present you with a totalitarian scenario but I’ll just say that I disagree with that statement of yours.

The Internet is more or less a projection of the physical world. There’s safe spots and there’s dark alleyways. There’s people who can walk across the street safely and there’s Darwin Award Candidates. Do you leave your house as often as you use the Internet?

Because that will change what? The idea of a new Internet sounds like killing some political figure that will be replaced by someone just as corrupt.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi :smile_cat: