Nerf Stomping

Okay- so hear me out.

In there was a change to the dragons gravity in an attempt to make it harder to pancake the knights. Dope, sounds like a nerf on paper. But when you actually put it into practice, alongside the increased air strafe speed for the dragon and reduced speed for the knights- it is ridiculously easy to stomp people. You have so much air control that you can follow someone from above across the entirety of an open map like Amphitheatre or Throne Room and just stomp them when they run out of sprint. So this change that I think was supposed to be a nerf, ended up being a pretty big buff.

I don’t exactly know of a way to do this other than the way I’ve suggested previously and gravity being increased again, but I definitely feel like the stomping aspect of the changes needs to be reevaluated.

But, like, how will I self-pancake if this gets fixed? :wink: