Nerf Melee damages on Zombie Massacre boss?

I don’t 100% know whether this counts as a bug but i feel like it should be addressed anyway. But melee weapons on the Queen Spider on zombie massacre is insanely strong. because of the way the melee does damage in an cone in front of you the melee actually hits the spider multiple times, presumably because the boss is made up of multiple hit boxes, so taking a melee weapon to the boss you effectively hit the spider 3-4 times in 1 swing dealing over 100 damage with each hitbox you hit.

I would like to know whether something like this is meant to be intended or if it is some what of an over sight maybe

it’s because the Spider Queen has resistances to bullets and fire but not melee, so survivor can easily cheese the boss fight in less than 30 seconds with max damage/ammo

I personally like it the way it is. Melee weapons require you to get up close and personal, where it’s also in the queens range for her to absolutely destroy you. Sure, with survivor’s shield, that risk goes down, but it can be difficult to build up that shield power especially in lobbies with more players, as zombies go for whoever they feel like.

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So that is not a bug?

it’s more of an oversight than a bug IMO

i mean, given that you have to be really close in order to use melee weapons effectively (obviously…).

it’s a big risk for those who aren’t playing as the doctor or the survivor.

so im pretty sure thats intentional.

with how long this has been in the game i feel like it’s just a feature at this point
i would prefer it stayed

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maybe make it so that the boss can break the survivor’s shield in one hit? It’d let you at least get a couple hits in before the shield breaks so survivor wouldn’t be as overpowered on the last day

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could probably work.

would also see the doctor recieve less healing from the boss like cutting in half.

If you think about it though, you’re not going to have the shield power for more than a few seconds, even if fully upgraded.

is your avatar Yaya Panda? If so then I love you

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