Nerf Drift Speed Boosts

Drifting is currently way too powerful. You almost immediately get speed boosts after starting to drift (blue boosts are less than a second after drifting, and orange boosts are only about a second after drifting), which makes it super easy to chain large drift boosts together and gives everyone who only drifts at turns (like in almost every other racing game) a huge disadvantage. It feels almost required to drift constantly to have the best odds of winning which isn’t really a fun playstyle, imo.

The orange boosts are very easy to get regardless of if the track is straight or curved just because of how fast it is to charge one, and the boost lasts noticeably longer than flavor melons, an item that (I assume) is designed to give you a large speed boost. Purple boosts are even more powerful than that and aren’t very hard to get either.

I’d appreciate if drift boosts were nerfed in some way, to make them less insanely powerful. Even just increasing the time needed to get the orange drift boost would be great as the blue boosts would still be easy to get for small turns, and the more powerful boosts would be harder to get outside of larger, sharp turns.

Comparison of flavor melons and orange drift boost:

Demonstration of how easy it is to chain orange drift boosts together:

i completely agree with this, i stopped playing public accelerate games a while ago because this is such an easy way to win - the only way to play fairly once you learn this is to put yourself at a disadvantage


Yeah… because you kinda HAVE to spam drift, my fingers always hurt after a race or two, and it’s just not really fun.


Also, by abusing chained drifts, you can drive on the dirt without any slowdown at all, letting you cut corners or use shortcuts without even using any items.

Drifting on dirt shouldn’t give you a boost, at the very least.


I agree that drifting, if not mastered completely puts you at a massive disadvantage. Which removes a large part of the fun for kart games. I would much rather similar to other kart racing spinoffs have drift being something that is both slower to gain if you’re fighting the angle you’re drifting, but faster to gain if you steer into the drift for corners.

Straights on these tracks should be where items equalise the competition, if you don’t have a speed item it should be where players who do can catch up, same goes for off-road short cuts. As it is now straights are merely a means to drift spam, and off-road short cuts that were designed for use with items can be skipped by drift spamming.

Driving without speed boosts isn’t a bad thing either, much like Mario Kart or god forbid Sonic All-Stars Racing the fun isn’t in the speed but tracking who is behind you, items incoming, and planning how to use your item effectively and when. It’s why anyone of any skill level can pick these up and enjoy them.


just bumping this cause there’s a huge argument going on in the discord about someone joining public games and snaking (chaining drifts constantly), it’s getting absurd. please do something about this soon


Yeah, something needs to be done about ‘snaking’ in particular. Nintendo managed to stamp it out in Mario Kart, I hope the TU can too, cause I really do think Accelerate is great.

I’ve gone off on this tangent every time the topic comes up, but I really love what Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed did to make snaking useless while simultaneously increasing the skill ceiling:

  1. They made it so the initial sparks take significantly longer to startup, so lv.1 boosts can’t be spammed.
  2. Every level of a charged boost is just significantly better than the previous, so releasing early is rarely beneficial.
  3. Instead of just two levels of boost, it can just keep going up to 3, and additional levels higher if released with boost items, stunts, or boosters on the map.
  4. You could change directions while maintaining your charge, so when to release the boost had more strategy, rather than simply doing as many as possible.

Just something to consider.