Neon Bars Should Light The Whole Beam When Stretched

Neon bars should light the whole beam when stretched, not just the middle parts.
It would save the need of having to buy many of them to create the effect.

I fixed it for the coming hotfix, though it requires the radius of the light to also be sized appropriately, because Unreal treats long light sources as point lights with a special reflection. Be careful with that though, because having many long neon bars with “appropriately sized” radii in the same area will cause a significant performance drop because of the multitude of overlapping light volumes.

I recommend segmenting long sections of neon light into smaller neon bars, to prevent creating obscenely sized light volumes for what might only be an accent light.


Thank you for the reply back =)

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There’s a slight bug still with the neon bars being stretched. When the condo is exited, and the condo reloaded, the neon bar light reverts back and still shows (above image) Though this can be rectified when size parameters are slightly adjusted.