Need videos of China can be played in Tower Unite

Can Flash plug-ins be added to the player so that Chinese players can see the videos(with their friends) they want to watch in China [Many chinese player want watch something but YouTube is not available in China]

99% sure flash will not be implemented. It is an outdated thing that is rarely used.

People from PixelTail are not going to know which sites you’re talking about. Baidu?
You need to mention the site(s) so it can be looked into.


Sorry, some Chinese video websites such as bilibili( or douyu( [a live platform] use Flash plug-in to play videos on their webpages. These video websites are very popular in China.

sorry about the language in picture is chinese

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I wouldn’t eliminate it out of the question, I recall websites being actually usable (being able to click on things and type, etc) is planned at some point. When though is hard to tell.


The way we make videos work in Tower is we use Unreal4’s built-in web browser emulation. Adding flash support to the browser (essentially writing our own flash plugin) would likely be way out of scope for the resources we have. This is on top of the fact that flash is generally insecure and could be used as an attack vector against players who may not even be aware that flash was running in-game.

Sorry this couldn’t resolve your issue. :frowning:

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Do you know if those websites have HTML5 options or plan to implement them?

I sure hope once flash is dead, it’ll be zombified by some open source project so we have Internet history without the Adobe part. :smile_cat:

i hope so

There are many reasons these sites don’t use HTML5, such as copyright and downloads and paid members, and I don’t think they want to change that

thank you for the answer,but i still hope we can watch videos of China one day

There’s sadly* an option for that:

* Ew, DRM in my open standards, who left the window to the sewers open?

Did just a bit of digging and at least bilibili does offer HTML5.

And they don’t hide it:

Also youtube-dl has an extractor for it so I’d start working from there and not Flash.


Ok,i will try it today.But what about other chinese websites?