Need some love for the Casino

More or less jumping in here to suggest, and/or moan about the Casino due to a lot of people telling me that their will never be any more improvements to the casino, and nothings really coming its way anytime soon.

The casino is my jam, I love poker and blackjack. But, I would really like to see some more stuff added to the line-up as it’s getting a bit stale with the colour-scheme and the push-pull risks.

Poker is very expandable, and has a big reach to grab at players - however, every other machine in the area basically is worthless past a certain penny-grade. You will constantly be wrestling between 491k and 490k until you either win a jackpot or get a string of wins. For the slots, blackjack and other things I’d like to have some higher risk/reward machines that’ll drain your money faster, but also give out bigger wins for people with quite a lot of money to spend.

I don’t mind the design of the Casino, and I don’t want to see it arbitrarily took apart and rebuild - however, I do feel like it is way too bright, and could do with some new lighting and some quality of life sprucing up. I know all the empty spaces there are meant for future games, but, it does feel very hollow when you walk around - and could use having larger sections of slots and other games.

And finally - what I want to see as a Casino-Main.

Roulette is a big one I want to see added. I know it’s what everyone most likely suggests, however, it is a pretty big part of gambling. So. Getting that in there would be great.

Horse Racing.
I’d love to be able to bet on races competitively. Either player races or just A.I races.

That’s pretty much it from me. It’d be nice to see the devs just do /something/ with the Casino soon, just so we don’t feel left behind. As it does seem we’ve not had much pushed in our direction for a while.

We really do need roulette.


which you might wish to take a look into this suggestion.

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+1 for the roulette and horse racing, great ideas!


maybe unlockable card decks for BJ and poker as part of the rewards from the casino. hell you could have casino specific prizes much like the ones in the arcade that can only be bought with chips or casino credits.


Instead of having an interface in front of you while playing poker, let us actually sit there and look at “real” cards on the table and make it more interactive as an example let us have a pile of chips that we can actually pick up with the mouse and some nice physics features for it+some fun features while playing poker like lighting a cigarette or having a drink while playing, maybe even a toy gun where you can shoot at people, customizable chips/cards/table. My last idea would be to let us have private tables and slot machines in condos