Naughty Dog wants the rights to Half Life

I bet a lot of lives would be ruined and lost if this happens…

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Sweat Cheesus Crust no. Seriously why would this even be a thought going through anyone’s head.

p sure that’s a joke tweet


You really believe this ?

Are you kidding me? The Last of Us was kick-ass. Sure it’d go in a different direction than HL originally was, but if this was real, I’d be interested in their take on the Half-Life world.


I hope this isn’t real.

This was a joke of course. Not a funny one though. I don’t think it’s nice to go on a company and say “Hey, give me your creation, because you’re not using it well and I can do it better”

This is in bad taste

Half-Life 3 console-exclusive confirmed.

Think the joke was more along the lines of, “We’ll actually make a game instead of sitting on it for eight years.”


It would undoubtedly be console only.