How will the naming be in the game? will TU use steam names or do you have to type in your own name, and will there be something like: “This name has already been taken” because i know that’s been a pain in the ass for people for a long time in games, thanks for the attention

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I’d think it would use your Steam Name, considering your inventory is going to be tied to your Steam Inventory.

i hope so, i’d just like confirmation from what it would really be, you know, everyone deserves a cool name

I really hope the names to be the same as your Steam nick. I think it’s the logic thing to do, as well as the best for everybody’s liking

I agree with using the steam name. Makes the most sense really.

I say when you start Tower Unite, you have the opportunity to give your character a nick name, which will be displayed under your steam name. Sounds like a good idea.

Because our philosophy with Tower is to be yourself (and not a character), your name will be pulled from Steam.


It should track down your IP and pull a random name from your area in the yellowpages,


some people just want to stay incognito, i just want to have fun in the tower and everyone knows me as Link, my sincere apologies for that

Well it would get your Steam username, which is the same as GMod Tower. If you wanna be someone else you can just rename yourself on Steam.

alright, question answered, can you close this topic?