Name the dragon

We need a name for the dragon in Little Crusaders I think Betsy is a nice name. Also I feel that the dragon would be a girl.

It’s been totally 100% confirmed that the dragon’s name is Cornelius.

I will never forget Greg; he was a beloved friend to all he met, and his absence will forever be felt by those who knew him.


as much as i trust mac, cornelius and greg are definitely the names.

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Case over folks. his name is Cornelius

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Nah that dragon is a dude.

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Cornelius is the name of the dragon that appears in the lobby (confirmed by talking to him); is it the same dragon that’s in LC?

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Well, I don’t see the dragon from LC making copies of Spongebob memes so probably not.

Who knows what he does in his spare time? I don’t judge.

It’s either Cornelius, Debra or Fred. Probably not Fred, considering the circumstances.


“They’ve been working us to the bone” confirms that all the dragons are used in Little Crusaders. So Cornelius, Debra, and Fred at least are the LC dragons… well not Fred anymore but he was!


little crusaders has lore now apparently

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We are getting somewhere with this.

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