My Work-In-Progress Condo!

Still working on moving in though…

Yes. I look like a demon.

Very simple kitchen…

I don’t know, fireplace. Why do you even care if rocks float on lava?

TV Setup. And my pet dinosaur, Chompy.

Chompy likes “Tower Unite”. He also likes The Offical “Catsack’s Existential Nightmare” Video Game.

Where sleep is achieved.

My Work* Station.

*I mean video games


Pretty awesome!
I really like the type of yellow you used for the walls.

Thanks! I always had a soft spot for shades of orange. :slight_smile:

I love those crates at the front door!

I have to appreciate the “Does rocks float on lava” shirt on the fireplace :wink:

Hey, People like RT!


Closeup on games. (Forgot this shot in original pics)

Need to make sure people know. :wink:

Dr. Catsack is ready to see you.

Do you think your mood has improved after taking the prescription?