My W.I.P. City


Hi there! I’m currently making a city in my condo in preparation for the community condos update (even if it is really far away). My goal is to create an interesting condo that would be enjoyable for people to hangout in and hopefully meet new friends. It doesn’t have a lot in it right now as it’s still a work in progress, here are some pictures;

Idk if i put these in right but we’ll find out.
Edit: I probably should have turned off my hud when i took these.


That last picture reminds me of the little hidden door in lobby 2 that’s underground


Looks great!


Reminds me of those DarkRP maps back in Gmod, seems like there’s a lot of potential for this condo to be fun! Looks great so far :slight_smile:


just like M2TheT, I actually get RP_downtown vibes from your condo, Great work owo


Wow… Great work! :open_mouth:
Always nice to see custom textures being used to their fullest potential.


Some things i’ve recently added;

A room where a crab birthday party is happening:

Some updates in the sewers:

A mall that is still a W.I.P, it includes a food court and various stores and is planned to get a sports center, a nightclub, and a theater:

The toy store and the rooms that are inside:

Thats all i have for now, hope you enjoy and feel free to visit as i have it open to the public whenever i work on it.


Some more progress(Note somethings may be subject to change);
Added bathroom, a pool, a sports center, theater, and an office as well as more vent rooms.(wont show those so you can explore on your own)
Here are pictures:

Forgot pics of food court but its under the stairs in the pic of the mall


man, these really do give me Dark RP vibes and i love it
keep up the great work!!


The whole thing looks better if you were actually there as i’m really bad at taking photos.


Wow, i always wanted to make something like this