My Virus Suggestions

Here’s my suggestions on what I think will make Virus better:

*If a player joins pat 0 and then decides to rage quit, they need some other form of defense for losing their enraged cause they will be screwed without it.

*Have some sort of penalty for players who just sit in one spot and camp for the entire round.

*Add power-ups for pat 0 if they are still enraged and go longer than a minute without infecting anyone. (I.e. Increased speed, defense, temporary invisibility until they infect someone, etc.)

*Add a cure for players who hate being infected (like in Zombie Massacre) but the catch will be that there’s only one and it’s “first come, first serve”.

*Make the Sci-fi Handgun a little bit more powerful, cause who uses that thing anyway?

*Add a few seconds of invincibility upon respawning so terminator-ranked players won’t just kill you over and over and over and over again! (Yes, I’ve played with some players like that, and if you read this, you know who you are!)

*I know this was touched on in another forum post, but a chance to free roam the Virus maps would be cool since they are creative on their own.

And finally, decrease the amount of required players to start Virus. 4 players is too much. I hate to bring up GMod, but there’s a well-made Virus mod (not to be mistaken for GMod Tower’s incarnation of Virus) that was made by one guy and you only need two players to start it. Virus with two players is actually surprisingly fun.

I’m posting this hoping that Virus can get some major improvements in the future, It’s a fun game mode, but it’s too biased against the infected most of the time.

These are epic IMO, it feels like the enraged state doesn’t take the number of zombies into account and people can simply get incredibly (unfairly?) unlucky with their spawns.

For low pop servers, I also wouldn’t mind having a deathmatch mode until enough players have connected.


Hrrrm… some stuff I agree with, others I don’t.

  1. Agreed, patient zero and by extension enraged mechanics need to be reworked to prevent such a situation from occurring.

  2. Disagreed, there are two ways to go about this and neither would warrant penalizing the player. If somebody could sit in a single spot without moving and yet fail to get infected, well, it’s not their fault that the infected were unable to catch an unmoving target. If you mean in one section of the map, okay, well what’s one “spot?” Is it a single room in Overtime? Is it a single corridor in Hospital? On top of that how do you even penalize players? Ultimately there are such things as “power positions” and trying to penalize players for “sitting in one spot” would be extremely messy in implementation and likely unfair to cases where people may legitimately be unable to escape from a single room due to the constant influx of infected.

  3. Disagreed. The concept is cool however it needs to be simple changes. In I listed changes for making enraged more powerful in a way that should be more consistent and less prone to causing issues with netcode. I do like the idea of further increasing enraged speed as they are repeatedly killed, though. Maybe that should be tacked on to my original suggestion? 2.5% speed increase for every death, that way after 4 they’re moving 10% faster on top of enraged; survivors can no longer escape by using adrenaline.

  4. Disagreed, if you get infected; that’s it. If you want to stop playing infected, help them win the round so that you can move on to the next one faster. Adding a cure not only goes against the idea of how the game functions, but good luck trying to survive if every infected wants to be revived and now you’ve cornered yourself in a room with 7 infected running you down. On top of this, this could potentially lead to cases where there are only 3 infected in play then one of them gets revived and now there are only two regular infected in play.

  5. Agreed. Sci-Fi buff when? (Also suggested how it would go about getting buffed here.)

  6. Disagreed… but only partially. Make it 0.4-0.5s of invincibility upon respawn. This should entirely remove the strategy of dropping TNT on spawnpoints and getting free kills; instead making them a waste. On top of this if people are literally watching a specific spawnpoint with an insta-kill weapon in hand, they won’t get a free kill either. However the invincibility should not last much longer than human reaction time because if somebody was able to successfully detect you, flick onto you, and kill you; they shouldn’t be punished by dealing 0 damage.

  7. Agreed. This is a neat idea! Would definitely help with finding the hidden animals.

  8. Hesitant; Virus with only 4 players in its current state is often a bit stale, only really coming alive with 6 or more players; preferably 8-10 players for a reasonably balanced experience. However at the same time requiring 4 players is pretty restrictive when it comes to starting matches and is a serious barrier to entry when it comes to getting matches going. I lean towards still mandating a 4-player requirement but reducing the requirement certainly has its benefits as well.