My thoughts on this game

first of all, I think This game needs to add more games to make money.
even adding the module of the Garry mod
who is the killer?
hide and seek
even more
this is why this game has only been 100~300 people online

I can say that “gmod tower” is the most successful time.
“It is also the most lively time”

But since independence, there is no such feeling.

Because the home is separate from the official server.
Everyone becomes an individual

Everyone’s mode of getting along is no longer close
This is why this game no longer has the feeling of gmod tower.

The official server has no attraction for the players to gather
Just go shopping or stay at the casino to make money

Then go back to your home (return to your personal server)

This game is no longer attractive for players to interact with each other.
Just visit someone else’s home and leave
Most people are decorating their home with their friends.
But there is no large group activity

Little game almost no one wants to play from this point

This game is too monotonous
Just to make money and then decorate the family
But there is no extra fun game
I am tired after waiting for you to decorate the home for a long time.
You don’t know what else this game can do.

You only know that it is time to turn off the game.

This game is home-themed
But there must be more outdoor activities
People need to communicate
Otherwise you will only play this game as a “single game”

“Finally the player will only get tired of this game and then leave”

I am not American you can see it
I hope understand what I mean.

Sorry google translation can’t fully understand what you mean
The same cannot fully express my meaning

I mainly target a “new player” view of the game.
Why can’t this game make more people online at the same time?
Why this game can’t let more new players continue to play

Current players need more freshness

Tower Unite has “Game World”
You can make money and play here.

But you can’t let new players only play golf or Ball Race.

New players open Game World but can’t find the server in most games
There are very few people playing, not even have one person.

New players feel that the way to make money is too monotonous
There are too few people who play together, there is no feeling, so you will not come back to play Tower Unite soon.

I said the CSGO community server.
A server with a lot of people will make players want to enter and play together.

So I said that you must have an attractive game that allows players to naturally gather.
Creating atmosphere, players like places where there are lots of people

We have known for a long time that the players of GMTower may not be related.
Because we love this game

But we must let “new players” play this game for a long time.

Some people like to play “Game World”
Some people like to play “home”
Some people play everything

Attractive “Game World”. Let a large number of players gather on the same server. It is not boring to make money while playing.

“Home” has a lot of furniture features. Of course, I think the interactive items at home need to be increased.

But when “new players” enter their “home” they have nothing
They need to play Game World games to earn

How long can new players play?

So you can clearly see that except for golf, there are almost no servers in the game or only a few people are playing.

Why can’t we create more interesting game modes?
Allow a large number of players to join on their own
Let a server be able to fill 64 people

This is also why I recommend the official erection server
"Or let the player set up the server autonomously"
Ability to install a large number of modules, game mode
This is another good choice

My main idea is
You must let “new players” come back to play this game for a long time.
Let Game World have a lot of players to gather because most people like people a lot.

current situation
“New player” enters the game, I don’t know how to make money.
Going into your own home, nothing
I need to make more money to decorate my home.
He may have played Game World for hours.
Sometimes the server is not found
Some games are not even played, no one creates a server

Next, maybe go to the casino for a while to make money.

Then? They don’t know what to do.
It is impossible to play golf all the time
But other game modes have no players playing.

Next they choose to leave

This is the feeling of most new players on this game.

So they won’t play this game for a long time.
Or not playing this game

My steam has more than 60 players who have Tower Unite

But they have barely played Tower Unite now.

Their playing time is about 20~60 hours.

Of course, I have played with my friends for more than 3,000 hours.
I have friends who have played for more than 5,000 hours (crazy love)

But most new players only play for 20~60 hours.

If there is no money, how can I let the player play “home”?
Game World is the entrance for new players
Must make them feel interesting
Let them play for a long time to earn money
Then they can decorate the “home” or keep playing game world

If new players see Game World very few people
not even have a server, they still want to continue playing?

This is where the problem lies

This is also the number of people in the Tower Unite line has not changed a lot.

Derak You have 27 million
But new players must start at 0
But any repetitive things make them feel bored
Very few players play together to make them want to leave this game more.

Interesting game mode
Attract players to play together
This will make new players want to join

this It’s like CSGO. garry mod community server.

"Then if you can’t even keep a single person
How to build a large community?"

The game is to let everyone strangers get together to play games at any time.
If the Game Worlds is not attractive, how can people get together?

You can see that there are very few players in the game world.
Not even have a server

First off, more games will be added, chill.

Oh, and also.


I don’t know where you’ve been recently but the game’s community has been so much closer and more packed thanks to recent updates. Global chat, emotes, workshop support, shared plaza players, matchmaking lobby, and events all came out in the past two months and I’ve seen many people interacting in the plaza since.

Plus, as @AmGona said, the game is still in early access and much more content is on the way. At the very least, the upcoming Achievements system will give the game more purpose besides building a condo, and the Arcade will provide an in-plaza alternative to the Casino.


Garry’s Mod is not really comparable to our game. Garry’s Mod is doing something completely different to what Tower Unite is doing. Garry’s Mod has a larger player base because it has been around for a lot longer. It’s also a bit cheaper and again does something different than we do.

I will say that GMod Tower had way less players. We only had 2 servers with 64 players max (which is 128 players) and that was it. We also never filled those servers unless we had an event going on. Tower Unite has more players, but peaks differently because people play it at different times.

This is something we’re always working on, and we’ve added several changes to improve on connecting players and make all the servers not feel disconnected. We also have Plaza events that attract players to the Plaza more. GMod Tower was a lot smaller of a game.


I understand
I bought this game as soon as it went public.
I have been playing for a long time, I really like this game.

It’s only been a long time.
I am tired of the boring way of making money.
GAME WORLDS is basically not many people playing…
There is no motivation for me to play.
Some games don’t even have people creating servers

Really just add new things in the past two years.
But it still didn’t change much at all.

You added the building
Ok, you still have to use the same way to make money to get it.
I’ve been repeating some things for a long time, no matter how much you love this game, you will get tired and tired.

I saw a lot of things on the official server saying “coming soon”
I have seen this brand for more than two years.

You said tower unite is better than gmod tower.
But like I said
They are all playing with themselves or with friends
How many players are really gathered?

I am basically at the peak time in the United States.
But this game, unless I play with my friends, I almost never want to touch it.
Because you didn’t know what to do when you came up.

The official server has a bunch of playful machines that seem to be playable.
But he is just an ornament

Although things have indeed increased
But you still need money
This is not just for players who have been playing for a long time.
Even just bought this game player

If they want to try to make money, they find that these games don’t want to play after playing.
They didn’t experience the fun of decorating the house and gave up the game first.

Because the way to make money in this game is not attractive at all.

So you can clearly see the players who have been playing for a long time.
Would rather stay in the casino to make money while sleeping or watching a movie.

Then you can experience the fun of decorating the home.

This is too unfriendly to new players.
It is impossible for a game to develop if it can’t keep new players.

I think this game is from GARRY MOD.
Then you can even add some things that GARRY MOD has.

This game is more creative than GARRY MOD

But the only thing this game can do is in your own home.

I think the official server can develop a game in this game.
And the official server is created to allow players to come in and play at any time.

Instead of being the host by the player himself

The player himself can only be silly waiting for the player to join.

If the official future develops new game modes
As I said before
Who is the killer?
HIDE AND SEEK even more interesting patterns
I even think that GAME WORLDS needs an official 24h server.
Allow players to join at any time

Some people are not good enough on the Internet or the computer.
Or temporarily have other things to leave
The host leaves the entire server and shuts down.

No official game server
That is why there are some games in GAME WORLDS that no one wants to play at all.
Because as long as no one creates a server, you won’t want to play with him.
Because you create a server, you have to spend time waiting for someone.

Game worlds except
Minigolf . Ball Race
Most other games don’t have a player to create a server at all times.

Even players are more willing to open a “private server” to make money with friends.

Two years
How long will it take me to wait for other games?

I will say that gmod tower is the best moment.
Because gmod tower has a lot of modules
You can always join and use

After independence, you have to add everything yourself.

But how long can the player wait?

I understand what you mean in that it’s taken a long time to develop the game, but the developer team is very small and these big updates take time. I don’t think there’s anything I can say that hasn’t already been said to change your opinion, but I disagree with you that the game stops being fun after a while. The game worlds are all awesome and continually improving, I’ve had an easy time finding people to chat with in the plaza, and the past few updates have made the game a lot more interesting to just join the lobby/mess around.

Yes, this game is more fun with friends, and the community isn’t huge, but I don’t think it struggles with keeping new players. There are many people who are just patiently waiting for the game to come out of early access before they can commit to it. I’m sure once we reach that point, you’ll find it more enjoyable.

The whole point of Tower Unite is to have the same and even more content than GMT. All of the gamemodes are coming back/have come back with new ones as well, all of the plaza activities from GMT are mostly upgrades of what was in the lobby in GMT, and there are tons more items to decorate condos with (and tons of new condos in general).

In my opinion, TU’s already surpassing GMT even though not everything has been brought back yet. Everything from GMT’s either here already or is planning to be added, and there’s already tons of new content exclusive to TU.

you need to make players attractive to Game Worlds
Let them make money while they are playing and keep freshness

Can take turns playing before decorating home and Game Worlds Keep freshness

This is the most basic problem

Because furniture needs money, everything needs money.
Then, what method should you use to make the player make money without feeling bored?
This is where the problem lies
This is why most people don’t play after playing for dozens of hours.

The problem of money has not been solved
Few people will continue to experience the fun of “home”
Because they have no money, the way to make money is boring.

This is why there is never a huge change in the number of people online.

You must have Game Worlds as the theme
Let players be attracted to Game Worlds first
They naturally want to continue playing or even playing every day.
Naturally they can make money
At this time, let’s experience the fun of “home”

Another point is what I said before.
GAME WORLDS requires an official server
Now you can even see that the game doesn’t have server.

Because no one wants to play at all
Even if you create a server, you need to spend time waiting for someone.

Now the most needed for this game is

1.Multiple modes of GAME WORLDS
2.GAME WORLDS requires an official server to allow players to participate quickly

Instead of letting the player create the server autonomously

if so
I would rather open a “private server” to make money with my friends.

Then this loses the concept of the community.

New players even think that the game world is too few people
Feeling boring and unattractive
Not even have a server

Not everyone can make money in the casino for a long time.
So how do they experience the fun of “home”?

This is where the problem lies!

Tower unite in Youtube streaming
Have hundreds of thousands of views
But why no one wants to play?

Because the first time the new player is playing
They will feel fresh first.
I found that Game World is not enough to appeal to them.
Game World has some games and no one is even playing
Then they will only feel bored and leave

Then this will be like what you said

Tower unite Playing well with friends

But can’t let every player have fun together

Most people are playing by themselves.

"Then if you can’t even keep a single person
How to build a large community?"

The game is to let everyone strangers get together to play games at any time.
If the Game Worlds is not attractive, how can people get together?

I hope you understand what I mean, google translation is not strong enough.

I can’t fully express what I want to say. and concept

Some people just don’t want to play with random people in the plaza, and that’s not going to change no matter what changes they make. As for your other point: I think all issues there will be solved when new features come up and they do some more advertising. Some gameworlds are definitely more popular than others but you can’t really help that. At the very least, the new matchmaking lobby should make it easier to find people to join your game.

Anyways, if the game simply isn’t engaging to you as it is now, I’d suggest waiting and coming back in a few months when more content is added.

if the game simply isn’t engaging to you
??? what???

It seems that you don’t understand what I want to say.
You are not a game designer, I don’t want to say anything more.

US time pm7:26
208 online players
Official server: 73 people
Apartment: 18 people (most people have only 1 person)
Game: 25 people

Where did the remaining half of the players go?
Single or play with friends
Did not appear in the public area

This is a bad phenomenon!

You have to think about the ideas of most people, not your own.

It’s hard to keep a player without a cohesive game.

I am talking about Game World.
what are you saying?

Game world All add up to less than 30 people

Place to make money
Very few players

New players will want to continue playing?

If you don’t understand what I am talking about
I said directly
CSGO Community Server
Why don’t you know each other but can so many people play on the same

Tower Unite Game Worlds a few people
Not even have a server

Obviously you still don’t know what this game needs.

Golf is successful in the game world
He always has a group of people playing
What does that mean?
Explain that other games are not attractive

What changes do he need to make?
Introducing a more attractive mode
Zombie escape
Hide and seek
Who is the killer?
Even more famous and interesting patterns

Because game world is the main source of money

Are you?

Game World is the player’s first impression
Because they need to rely on this to make money
To experience “home” or other fun

Game World can attract players
So naturally it will bring players together
Play together

I tell you
Not everyone likes to decorate home

Some people even only play golf
What does this mean?

Tower Unite has two advantages

  1. “home” unlimited creativity
  2. “Game World” rich game mode but must attract players

If Game World’s game attracts players, the mode is interesting.

The player even opens the Tower unite for Game World.

Do you understand?

This is Garry mod Successful place

a game with rich and interesting patterns

I am not quarreling.
He tried to change my mind
I am just providing a way to change

From reading what you’re saying, you are desiring:

  • Dedicated Game World servers
  • Better ways to earn Units so people can build more often
  • Building with friends
  • Improve Game Worlds so players play them more often

The Dedicated Game World servers was something we have discussed but we opted for the dedicated Game World Ports for now. Hosting dedicated servers costs quite a bit of money, and we’d have to host multiple in different regions. We aren’t able to do this yet. We also need to fix map travel (changing the map while keeping players connected).

We are working on more ways to earn Units. That’s why there has been more focus on Plaza and connecting players (we just finished global chat, workshop, dedicated game ports, and more plaza minigames).

Building will become more of a cooperative thing when we finish Community Condos.

We are also finishing up Upgrades, Milestones, and Achievements which will give more reasons to reply the Game Worlds. We also talked about doing Daily and Weekly events.


Okay man, I never once claimed to know what the game needs to thrive and keep all players like yourself happy. I never assumed that everybody feels the same way as me, and I fully acknowledged the fact that there is a small community for the game.

If 200 people are online, and half of them want to play singleplayer, or are simply sitting in the main menu for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine. Not everybody wants to play the game worlds just for money, and not everybody wants to build a condo. I wasn’t trying to change your mind, only to tell you my opinion, and to let you know about recent updates / upcoming changes that might solve the issues in your post.

I think the language barrier here isn’t helping either; maybe my point isn’t getting across very well. At this point, I’ve said everything I wanted to, so I’m gonna leave this conversation here.

yes! Please see my last reply
“Not everyone just wants to spend money to play the game world, not everyone wants to build one.”

You are right