My Thoughts on Roadmap and Future Updates

Fair warning: My argument is very bias towards Casino as on GMTower, that’s literally all I looked forward to when signing on to play. I understand I am but a small fish in the sea, but I’m sure other people are like me, or rather agree with what I am saying.

A brief overview of what I will or at the least, try to, cover will be the current roadmap and TU’s casino and other various updates such as lasertag and the arcade.

Lets go back in time to GMTower, when I would play, if I had money, I would only head to the Casino and hang out and play at the tables. Personally, I don’t like and don’t enjoy sitting in a condo, or attending a party someone is hosting in their condo, in fact, to me, it’s rather pointless. The minigames on the other hand were a blast as well. Whether I was playing solo or with my friend, I would enjoy myself! I could lay back and enjoy a match of Minigolf, race to win Ball Race, or camp my way to being the last one surviving in Virus. After gathering coins, I would find myself back in the casino. Looking back, the casino was like a money faucet to me rather than spend my coins on decking out my condo.

To begin, according to Steam, the last time I played Tower Unite was April 22, and I have a whooping total of 2 hours of game time. Originally I was going to wait on purchasing Tower Unite until the casino was released, but my friend convinced me to play it now. Let me tell you, when I first got on, and even now I am amazed at how far we’ve came from a mod in a sandbox to our very own standalone game. Playing the minigames are a blast, especially from the stunning graphics of Minigolf, I really love it! However, there wasn’t really much for me to do apart from golfing as that is the only enjoyable thing in TU for me. I’ve only played when I was playing with my friend and we wanted to play a game or two of Minigolf past midnight to relax and just hang out.

To be honest, I voted for us to work on Laser Tag and I can’t wait to see what you will bring us. What I don’t understand is how much farther ahead Laser Tag is than the Casino. Hell, the arcade estimated for July has more progress than phase one of the Casino. At this point, I can only see the Casino AND other updates being pushed back and back because of delays. I understand that these are estimates, but considering there’s more progress in July’s Arcade than May’s Bowling… I’m kind of worried.

I’m not asking for you to stop working on the other awesome updates like Bowling and Laser tag, but rather take things one step at a time. I’m no developer, but should we really be working on 3 major updated at the same time? Once again, according to the roadmap, I’d see the major updates to be delayed by a month, or two months at the max with bigger updates such as the Casino and Arcade.

I’m sorry for the lack of proper organization. As I stated above, my stance is very biased, but I just love Tower Unite because of the Casino. Heck, you can call me a gambling addict, but this is just a game. I have fun losing everything or winning it all. In the end, it’s just a game and virtual currency, and I sure as hell don’t gamble in real life.


these are god’s words afterall


I totally see where you’re coming from with this. There’s lots of things on their plate right now, but the reason that lots of things aren’t getting done immediately is because of one giant obstacle that is being worked on as we speak and it is

Lobby game framework.

They’re working on the shooting gallery right now just to get something working that can hold little sessions for games in the plaza. Have you noticed that the arcade has no function, the casino machines have no backend, and there’s nothing in the entire plaza for you to sit on and play? That’s because they’re writing the backend for all those things, and once that backend is out, things are gonna be released left and right for play. The Arcade, the Casino, and the boardwalk attractions are all waiting on this backend, and once it’s done, pulling the parts of everything that uses it together won’t be that hard.

I’m nor a dev or a mod, so I can’t really give an ETA on the plaza game backend, but when it’s out, things are gonna be lit.


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We have multiple developers who work on multiple parts of the game. Casino is being worked on exclusively by Zak (and Foohy) right now as it’s all programming now. All the rest of the developers are working on what they can, but they can’t work on the Casino without Zak’s programming.

The Laser Tag/Bowling is getting artwork done for it right now - not programming. The artists work on things that they can in anticipation for the programmers to come in and code everything. It works out really well because by the time the programmers get to say, Laser Tag, all the gun models are there and ready to work with.

Casino is vastly more complex than Laser Tag. Laser Tag is a shooting game where you gain points by shooting players.

Casino is a betting system where you bet Units with other players and they have to be all verified and just the framework alone is insane. The Casino has lots of different games inside of it as well, where as Laser Tag, is Laser Tag. We have to write a backend system that handles all Casino games: not just slots, not just cards, all Casino games. The Casino artwork is pretty much done, but the programming is not yet.


Thank you for the detailed update on what’s going on. It means a lot when developers are actively engaging and keeping their community informed!

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