My thoughts on all the bullshit that happened today

At the moment there isn’t anything to back this up so I’m going to keep my nose out of it. Though they really should make some sort of comment on this instead of sticking their head in the sand.

nice comeback…

you cant expect me to take them seriously though, can you?

if you’re gonna attack me for having an anime pfp then tbh idk why you should expect people to take you seriously lmao

anyway i’m gonna just hit the emergency exit on this conversation, i dont wanna be part of a flame war

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Why not? They have a point, if also expressed in a really unnecessarily harsh tone. They made the point that Mac probably doesn’t want these quotes to affect the game’s reputation or the dev’s. At the moment if this was fake it could be entirely plausible that this would be the reason.
edit: This doesn’t mean I necessarily agree, but this is a completely different conversation.

i understand mac doesnt want his reputation/ the games reputation fucked, but if that were the case, ADDRESS IT. Make a post or thread, derailing the stuff im saying because right now, all that is happening is post deletion, not an actual argument, just paranoid censorship.


This I will admit to agreeing with.

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