My theature guide video, decided to make it and then started recording


I know it’s pretty crap but I’m proud of myself


would be better with 2009 tutorial music and fancy windows movie maker text 5/10


Constructively, I think if you were to plan it out a bit and keep focused on the main functions of the Theater rather than the minute details that may be fun for players to discover on their own (such as the posters), the video would be a lot more enjoyable and helpful.


I think It’s good but it just needs this music ;D




I don’t have any video editing technology so sadly I can’t do that


I’m going to work on a better one now (atleast once I have my mom’s premission)


Good job jinko


If You don’t have any editing software, id say wevideo is a good choice if you don’t wanna spend money, but IF you wanna spend some moneis
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum Steam Edition

i didn’t get a link but search the name up on steam and you should find it

i use it to edit stuff like This
It’s Easy and Fast, and i learned more and more every video i made
its basically vegas but cheaper and a little less features.


I already have vegas on my wishlist lol


Shotcut is a free video editing software that I’ve used for a while now. I have no idea how it compares to wevideo (or really any other free video editor), but for my own little projects it’s worked quite well.


Thanks alot m8, I’ll work on a video now


How’d you do the rumble of the screen? I’ve got Platinum 13 and I’m still trying to find out how to do dat


It’s tedious, and there’s probably a better way, but personally I make a bunch of keyframes and manually pan the screen around just a tiny bit with each one. You can create 6 or 7 keyframes and then just copy/paste them however many times you need. Make sure to make your last keyframe return back to normal!


hes right, i just add keyframes where it quickly tilts from side to side
you can find out how i did it Here