My "Thank You" letter to everybody

Note: This was written in a very short time, as the title suggests. It’s bound to have errors

I would like to say one thing: Thanks For The Memories

Whether it be logging on to Gmod Tower for the first time, being so fucking happy that I have the cs source textures, and being rewarded. Actually, more than rewarded. Gifted that I have this fun community, these amazing gamemodes, and this simply amazing experience of what we call Gmod Tower.

Some people have been here since the very beginning. Some have shown up on its very last legs. It doesn’t matter which one because the simple joy of being in Gmod Tower is awesome. When you first join, you’re curious. You’re wondering what this vast plaza has to offer. And you explore. You explore the casino and its spin wheels. You explore the drunken people in the nightclub having an absolute blast. You explore all the game-modes like Virus, UCH, Ball Race, and more. You explore every little bit you can get your hands on.

And you know what? You simply look at it all and just say, “This is epic.”

This has been an eventful 6 years, even if I myself wasn’t in most of those years. I hope Tower Unite and all of the games in Pixeltail’s future go wonderfully. Thank you all for both my fun in Gmod Tower, my fun on these crazy forums, and for my newly awaiting fun in Tower Unite.



thanks for the memeories

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you’re welcome buddy :blush:

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youre too late

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