My Suite (WIP)

So yeah, this was my first actual attempt at making an actual condo. Let’s just get into it.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen has all of my trophies from GMT as well as a Workshop model of the Star Fox trophy from GMT.

Alternate angle:

The Living Room (or The Theatre)
I wanted to make a theatre for my Suite so that I could watch YouTube videos like I was in the Theatre in the Plaza. (this was actually really hard to set up)

Alternate angle:

The Bathroom
There isn’t really much in this room. Just a toilet, some toilet paper and a shower. (no really, what did you expect?)

Alternate angle:

The Bedroom
This room was pretty easy to manage. It’s a bedroom with a computer with a triple monitor setup, (the PC is a workshop model) a couch, a large TV, a bed and 2 other Workshop models, one being a British Catsack and the other is a Companion Cube from Portal.

Alternate angle:

And finally…
The Closet
There isn’t much in here. It’s just a little tribute to GMT, with my Lobby 1 and Lobby 2 plates and another Workshop model, which is a GMT statue.

And that’s it!
I really hope you like this and I’ll try to add more to this. Maybe some stuff in the Attic.

Thank you for viewing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Me - taking photos.
no one else.

Workshop Models:
Star Fox Trophy made by @Bumpy226
Toilet Paper Roll made by @CalculatorSpoon
British Catsack made by @Lemon
Companion Cube made by ElectricSquid
Gaming PC made by @Computrix
GMT Statue also made by @Bumpy226


This is really awesome!! It feels like a suite that was made in GMT, and it feels refreshing to look at :slight_smile:

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