My Suggestion: More Condos?

I am very excited for this game. I have spent upwards of 60 hours on GMod Tower, and most likely more to come. I trust that the developers are putting huge amounts of time and effort into making a fun, interesting, and enjoyable game for all of us. However, if there’s one thing I don’t want to happen is have the game get stale.

Here’s where I bring in my point. I loved decorating my apartment in lobby 1, and my condo in lobby 2 even more! However, I quickly grew bored of everybody having the same layouts and limitations for our homes.

I was wondering, although it would probably take a bunch of work n’ polishing, if totally seperate condo/housing layouts would be available? For example, different positions for the stairs, kitchen, heating arrangements, etc, etc.
(Also can we please paint walls that would be rad thanks)

Hoep you people agree! Look forward to seeing you in the tower.

They’re planning to entirely revamp the condo system, but I believe that’s not happening until later (game worlds come first). Customizable wallpaper/flooring will be coming soon, though.


I believe the current plan is to have a condo editor sometime after early access, which would essentially let you customize your condo however you want. Wallpaper and customizable flooring are already a WIP iirc (there’s a notice about it when you load the condo in the newest TU Alpha)