My steam account is gonna be banned soon (no joke) [SOLVED, see the last page.]

UPDATE: My steam account is gonna be banned soon (no joke) [SOLVED, see the last page.] - #11 by DaltonaCAN


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these scams have been going throughout the Discord. i got scammed once too.

FYI steam almost never reach you externally if you are banned, nor did imminent ban ever exist.

take a look at this too, hope it helps.

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update: my account is back and now stolen, DONT CONTACT MINE RIGHT NOW.

it’s deleting soon, pls send help now.

The amount of times people have attempted to scam/steal my account on discord is unreal. I get friends who fell for these scams who then DM me on steam trying to steal my account and then they block me when I call them out. Really really sad what world we live in.


The lesson to be learned here is don’t trust random people who say they “accidentally reported you” and to contact Steam support, especially if they send any suspicious links or say you need to give them money.

The only proper, safe way to contact Steam support is through their official Help page

Other than that, if it’s not too late, try changing the password and email address on your steam account.


I’ve seen this as a most common tactic for scammers, it’s not exactly new per say, but still worth noting that you shouldn’t believe or trust what they say, esspecially if its a suppose it “valve staff” which they never ever contact you directly on discord or anywhere else, only their own offical steam support

valve would never ban or warn you just because some shmuck said they “accidentaly” reported you, that’s not how steam works.

Steam’s ToS exist for a reason.


final update: it turns out my steam account was hacked because i was tricked by a scammer on discord. i got it back now.

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the scammer needs to verify the ownership in order to delete your account. they usually won’t have your data, which is unlikely happening. even so, they have to wait 30 days before wiped off completely.

now what you need to do, if you have got back your account’s password, contact Steam support to prove you own that account and support will verify it to get your account back.

here’s my statement on whats happening in a day. How My Steam Account got Hacked, and How i got it Back. - YouTube