My special condo

this is my condo that I’ve spent a lot of time working on I hope you enjoy

this here is the entrance

here is my bandroom (dedicated to tupac a great man)

here is my movie theater its unfinished but doesnt it look ok

anyway thats it i hope you enjoyed the tour of my condo and stay tuned for updates


it’s pretty fucking bad you should reconsider everything including yourself



thank you for the kind feedback :slight_smile:

stay tuned for more responses to feedback


my morning shits look like this condo


i hope you eat lots of fiber


While other people are shitting on this condo (E; they know each other it’s a joke but this is still a legitimate reply), I’d like to give some constructive criticism instead.

  1. The condo itself looks bland and empty. I recommend decorating it some more. Even if it’s not your main focus (mine sure as hell isn’t), the living room is the very first thing users see when the enter your condo, so you’ve got to make sure it’s nice. Not to mention it’s just wasted space.
  2. The idea of those plastic preschool-lookin’ chairs in a concert room isn’t very solid. Consider changing the seats. Also, for your band room, I recommend changing more and decorating. Maybe have the room darker (wall color) with colored lights (neon bars work wonders!) and put some more decorations up, as it’s pretty bland.
  3. Just, in general, work on it more. With the theatre you’ve gone for scale rather than detail, which can really go bad. Not sure what you could change, but I just don’t think it looks too fantastic. Perfectly functional, mind you.

So, overall I guess I wouldn’t give this condo a very positive rating. But it’s definitely salvageable with some retooling. Give it another shot and a bunch of time and effort. It might take a while but I’m sure you’ll get something good going eventually.


out of everyone in this thread you have been the rudest

but i agree with all points except for my bandroom that place is perfect the way it is


dude that’s fucked up why would you post this


In case no one can notice, they’re all friends.


dont cry over all that milk

I think mine holds up till this day:

hey get outta with that nonsense! this is my condo thread not yours!

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sry m8 no kill plz

Woah. Good condo! I like the empty.

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How did you get into my Condo!? I wasn’t even online!