My short thank you

Since everyone is doing it, I might as well.

I just want to say. Thank you. Thank you to everyone. From the first person that I met, to the last person I will see. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Thank you @macdguy @Matt @Caboose700 @Foohy @Zak and @Lifeless . It is just amazing how much you have done. Listening to the community and making a game from scratch without any DLC, that is just amazing. Then, the community. With growing and thriving players, more and more suggestions, Making the developers work hard and harder everyday. Just about everyone will respect you, no matter your age or race. The fourms are always moderated and noted. Either if it’s a bug fix or a whole new update.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone. :smile:

EDIT : I forgot you @donglekumquat :C


They listened to the community, you barely see that in AAA titles

The most ive seen a developer listen to the community was Stardew and thats doing very well, I thank them aswell.

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I have seen overkill studios (the people who made payday) take suggestions, SOMETIMES.

And its funny too MacDGuy and all the others are very nice and friendly too!