My Plight: A story spanning two hours

As the sun set, I found myself unpleasantly bored. The CS:GO update took down the servers I frequent, TF2 didn’t please me, and Fallout 4 still was not out. I figured I would download Garry’s Mod and run Gmod Tower, it will surely alleviate my boredom. Of course, I had to download Garry’s Mod and all of the Source games to get content, but what I forgot was Workshop.

It saddened me that even in Linux, Garry’s Mod still crashed after downloading fifty or so mods, so of course, I had to babysit it. Finally, my content had finished downloading. I was ready. I loaded Garry’s Mod and connect to a GMT server, only to find that Linux Garry’s Mod would crash when trying to load GMT, specifically. Further research yielded to me that Garry never programmed proper Linux support for Garry’s Mod.

Sigh. Fine. Two can play at that game.

Wine was easy peasy, I already had it installed. Of course, that meant I had to download it all again. Downloading Gmod, Source games, workshop addons, another hour gone. I was ready. I loaded Garry’s Mod in Wine and, once again, attempted to connect to GMT.

Froze and crashed on the last stage of the loading screen.

At that point I promptly went to bed.

Sorry to hear about all those issues. If it’s any consolation, the staff are looking to include Linux as a supported platform for Unite.

Not yet, though. I don’t think Linux support is coming until Early Access.

Eh, maybe sooner.

oh wait lol I see you have already seen that post nvm

Geralds mod at it’s finest.