My opinion on the new coin effect

Now, I realize that the effect is probably not done, and they’re not trying to copy the entirety of Garrysmod Tower, but in my opinion, I feel like the effect should be a lot more similar to the one from GMT. I loved walking into the casino, or any store, and hearing that distinct (and very satisfying) draining/supplying that was your GMC. And the effect itself looked pretty satisfying, as well. I just feel that with the new one, they’re trying too hard to move away from the GMT style, with the gems and what not.

For any of those who haven’t seen what the original coin effect looks like.

So, thoughts? Do you wish it was more similar? Or do you find the new one more suitable? (Also, a poll in case some people don’t feel like commenting.)

  • I like it.
  • I wish it was more similar to the one from GMT.
  • I wish it was different, not like the new one or the old one.
  • Something else that isn’t listed in this poll.

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(And since this is just my opinion, please take it with a grain of salt.)


always loved the old one, but its not only the old money dings and effects that make the entire gmt feel come back

They are different effects. The coin effect for slots is just for slots. I haven’t made the Unit earning effect (which more similar to the GMT one you are talking about)


Oh, well that changes everything! You can go ahead and lock this thread then, I should have gotten my facts straight before I posted.


Also, the reason there’s gems is cause it’s the Diamond Slots.


Oh my god, why have I never noticed that. ;w;

It’s okay, I should have been more descriptive on the stream.


The old jackpot sounds were great, and I have no complaints about them. I really like the new jackpot sounds though. The diamonds jackpot was much more realistic and sounded like the real slot machines do. I can really tell you guys have done some solid, “research” here. :wink:

I’m really looking forward to hearing the coin slots jackpot noise now. hypehypehype

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