My name is David "The Man With The Can" Siers

Hey guys! I used to play gmTower way back in the day with @Earlofillusion. When I heard of Tower Unite, I immediately knew I was gonna donate and ended up going for one the higher donation. I’m glad to see gmTower finally become a standalone game, since the gmod community is pretty dead these days. Can’t wait to see you guys in the game!


Welcome Aboard! Hope we can all play together soon. :speedboat:

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Welcome to the forums! I don’t know you, but since you like Tower, that makes you pretty cool. :smile:

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We’re all pretty cool here, fam B)

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Same :open_mouth:

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Yeah we are :sunglasses:

Welp, that .gif didn’t work… This is a bit awkward now.

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Good god, that was so long ago. You were named Cthulhu back then.

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oh god

ancient us memes


Welcome! :gift_heart:

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @7000_Skeletons. Hope you enjoy your time on the forums :smiley: